Questions to ask before buying a solar panel system

When looking to purchase solar panels for your home you have to make sure you understand the system and how it works. There will be some questions to ask before buying a solar panel system and it is best if you know these. Each company will claim to have the best brand and will try to convince you that they are the best choice for installation. So, for you not to be swindled out of your hard earned money you have to know which questions to ask before buying a solar panel system.

This purchase is a huge investment and will have many benefits on your household. It is wise to ensure the purchase you make is the right one and the best that is available.  When looking for a dealer, it is advisable that you know the following questions to ask before buying a solar panel system.

What is the experience of the company?

The experience of the company is very important for you to verify before you make a purchase. The longer a company has been in business the better as they will have more experience with installation and supplying the solar panel system. This is also good if there are any problems that may arise, you can feel confident of their ability to fix it.

What is the Panel Power of each panel?

On some of the systems that are sold, the power listed may not be the actually power that is output from the system. It may be a little less than what is stated and it needs to be specified to the client before a purchase. An energy audit of the house can be done to figure out the energy requirements. The amount of panels can be bought based on how much power you will need.

What is the warranty on the system?

Systems that include solar technology should always give a long life span that usually extends about 25 years. There are systems that may extend to as much 40 years but any system you are getting should be at minimum 25 years. Also be mindful of retailers that attempt to give you a dealer warranty instead of a manufacturer’s warranty. This is a very costly purchase and it has to be properly covered in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Can the system be upgraded?

As time goes by, the needs of the household may eventually change.  An excellent system will have the allowance for the panels to be increased if needed. The increase in panels will increase the output energy of the system.

Can I access my benefits for buying solar panels?

In different states there may be rebates and other specials that can be claimed by any individual that is installing solar panels. The combination of state and federal assistance may allow you to obtain a system at almost half the original cost. The government has a policy that promotes the use of renewable energy and there are benefits that can be claimed by you.