Installing Solar Panels

When an individual is contemplating solar panel installation, they would want to have a full understanding of how the system works. The solar panels are really just small photovoltaic cells that will capture the sun’s rays and convert it to energy to power your household.

The Solar panel installation is normally conducted on the roof tops of houses or building tops. The position of the panels has to be one in which they are receiving optimal sun from all angles. There should be no hindrances that will affect the sun in any way. The Solar panel installation can be done by any individual once they have the proper resources but it is always recommended to have a professional complete the task to ensure an excellent set up.

There are different ways to install the solar panels on the different roof types. Some of the panels are flush on the roof and some are tilted. The surroundings of the house, in terms of trees and shrubbery can probably determine which method is selected. Also, the roof type will have something to so with the selection as well.

The Solar panel installation is normally straightforward and is conducted in the same procedure each time. The procedure consists of first securing the brackets to the roof. This is done by using heavy duty solar mounts that attached to the roof to keep the structure secure.  These bolts have to be strong and able to stand up to the test of nature. Once the brackets are in place, the person doing the installation will ensure that the bolts are fastened and placed in a straight line to accommodate panels.

Metal railings are then connected to the bolts and ensured to be secured to the roof. Solar panel installation should be done carefully with precaution being taken at every step of the way. Next, the solar panels are affixed to the railings and the number of panels to be installed is based upon the requirements of the homeowner. It is important to note that one single panel does not produce a lot of energy so for any substantial installation, many panels would have to be installed.

The final step in the installation will involve running conduit from the panels to the inverter in the house. This device will now convert the sun’s energy to useful electricity and the savings will now begin.

Solar panel installation is a wise choice as the system will save you up to 60% of your electricity costs over 5 to 6 years. The cost of the system may be high initially but the savings over the years will be greater. There may be some state and federal tax claims that can be made when doing a Solar panel installation. These amounts may come in useful as some individuals use the claims to purchase the system cheaper.

The Solar panel installation raises the value of you house and is not prominent. The homeowner can be assured that they are making the right decision when installing solar panels.