Zircon Leak Alert Electronic Water Detector Review

This is a review of the Zircon Leak Alert Electronic Water Detector.  I just got a new kitchen not all that long ago. Complete with wood floors and they look great. Well, I was at the kitchen the other day when I noticed some water pooling up from under the sink cabinet. You have got to be kidding me I said to myself. A water leak in one of the brand new pipes going to my new sink. It was in one of those metal hoses.

Well, after some frustration at the hose and getting it replaced, I thought to myself, what if I had not discovered this leak for a while. There could have been some serious damage. So I looked into getting a water leak detector. These things are actually very simple. We all know that water conducts electricity. That’s why you don’t vacuum out your car after you have just washed it and are standing in a pool of water. These units work the same way. There are two metal wires on the bottom of the unit. When water flows and touches both of those wires, it closes a circuit and the alarm goes off. It’s a pretty simple idea but it’s great to have to let you know when you have a leak.

Please note, these run on batteries and yes you have to change those batteries. Just change them when you change your smoke alarm batteries. So that’s one 9 volt battery. That’s not too bad. But the alarm was loud. Definitely loud enough to be heard and these things are not that big so you can slide them back in behind your fridge or your diswasher. I have one sitting underneath my dishwasher and am buying more for the house to put in other places. This is definitely a product that I would recommend and for around $10 bucks you should get one too.