X10 Protector Plus Review

This is a review of the X10 Protector Plus alarm system.  X10 has been a leader in home automation for the last 10 years or so. Plus their products are fairly inexpensive for what you get. But there is a reason for that. It’s not very good. My general recommendation on this product is to stay away from it. The quality is just not there. You do get several items with the system, but with the high false alarms, it’s not worth the money to buy it. It would be better to sign up with a company like ADT.

This system is offered at a current price of $99 dollars. That is pretty cheap if you ask me. What is interesting as well, is to compare this to what you get when you sign up with ADT. ADT gives you a similar package and it lacks a few things. Of course, with this system, you are installing it yourself.

Now, for the nitty gritty. How good is this product?  I bought this a couple of months ago to do a real test of it. It arrived fast via Fed Ex and while I thought it would be good, I had quite a few problems with it. Namely, most of it didn’t work as well as it was advertised to work. For instance, I had these problems with it:

*  Motion detectors placed a bit far away from the system on another floor did not work
* The key fobs didn’t work half of the time
* The false alarms, let me tell you about the false alarms. They were terrible. I think some of this is caused by just how X10 works. X10 works through your power system. If you get fluctuations, they sometimes cannot be filtered out very easily. Those fluctuations led to the system going off anytime it felt like it. I only had the system installed for 1 week and after that week I was ready to get my money back. I think the motion alarm was the thing that was the worst. It went off all of the time. After a while after getting so many calls from the system, I shut it off.

I guess my biggest problem with this product was the false alarms. You can’t trust an alarm system that gives false alarms. After a while, you don’t know which is a real emergency and which is not. And with this system, you are the one calling the police. Go through this scenario, Hello Police, it’s me again. Yes, I know this is the 10th time I have caleld today, but my alarm is going off. Soon, they will start charging you money.

This is what comes with the Protector Plus Security System: (I use the word “valued” lightly)
Security System Console     – valued at $49.99
Security Remote Control     – valued at $26.99
Wireless Motion Detector     – valued at $49.99
Lamp Module             – valued at $12.99
Keychain Security Remote     – valued at $19.99
2 Door/Window Sensors         – valued at $39.98

Overall, I would say to look for some other type of alarm system that would be more reliable than the X10 one. There may be other better X10 products, but this one is not one of them.  System like ADT do a better job of not setting of a false alarm. But then again, that’s why ADT and other companies like that are in the security business. It is the business that they do. X10 is more involved in home automation.