Wireless Security System Buyers Guide

This wireless security system buyers guide will help guide you through buying a wireless security system. You may wonder where do you start? How much do you spend? If you are wondering that, then you have come to the right place. Follow these easy tips:

Wireless Security System Buyers Guide Checklist

1. First consider if you want to put a system in yourself or have someone else put one in. Security systems come in two flavors, managed and unmanaged. Managed systems are from places like ADT. They install the equipment and they manage and monitor it. Now you have to pay more for that but that added piece of mind knowing that someone else is watching the store may be what you need. You can go the other route of getting your own system, installing it and managing it yourself. If you do that, consider places like Monitronics to help monitor your system.

2. How elaborate do you want to get? Do you want a video system with viewing on your Iphone? Do you want a simple alarm that can tell you when someone is there?  How many doors and windows do you want to secure?  When you go with ADT or another large security company, you will only get a few door and window sensors. You can buy your own system and get more if that is important to you.

3. Consider how much you want to pay and if you want to have a contract. ADT will require you to sign a contract. If you get your own system, then there is no contract, but you will manage more of the stuff yourself.

Wireless Security System Buyers Guide Recommendation

My recommendation is to go with a hybrid system. Use ADT and install your own motion cameras and additional security measures. That way you can have a monitored alarm system and some video backup should something go wrong.