SONY CCD IR Color Infrared CCTV Camera

Have you been looking for a good quality closed circuit camera that is inexpensive?  Then this SONY CCD IR Color Infrared CCTV Camera may be the right camera for you.  I had been a fan of the Sony cameras because they have some decent ones at Amazon. Q-See makes a camera called the Q-See QSC48030 which is rather good as well, but a bit more pricey at around $112 dollars on Amazon.  This Sony camera though is only $84.99, which to me makes it a reasonable camera to purchase.

When you first purchase a DVR security system, you are likely to get several cameras included with the system. The problem I have found with those cameras though is that they are usually not that good of quality. The reason being is because you are buying a whole security system as a package. A good camera usually costs somewhere around $100, so you do the math. There’s no way you can get 4 decent cameras and a security system unless you get cheap cameras with the system.

When looking for a security camera, consider these aspects of it:

* Who makes the camera? Generally, Sony is a good company. They make a wide variety of products and are not a knock off brand.
* Does it have a sun shield on it if used outside?  – This one does have a sun shield, but it is not a big one. That may be a problem depending on your location of the camera.
* How will the camera be mounted – This does include a mounting bracket.
* Another item to note, is that you will need to supply power to this camera. It includes a 12 volt power supply, but you are going to have to plug that in somewhere. Do you have a convenient outlet near where the camera is going to go. If not, then you may want to factor that into your cost.

This Sony camera gives some fairly good images in both daytime and nighttime. Here is an image in the daytime:

and then here is an image in nighttime:

If the camera had a smaller lens, it would not get as good of nighttime shots. This camera has roughly greater than a 90 degree field of view. The camera specs say this has a f3.6mm super wide angle lens. That let’s you see more when you are viewing images through the camera and the more you see, the fewer cameras you need to cover an area. This camera may have not been constructed as well as some other cameras you might buy. I have seen some that are encased in a steel case and look like they would take a pretty good beating. However, if you are in the market for one of those cameras, then you need to break out your checkbook and pay a bit more.

What is included in the box:

Universal mounting bracket
12vdc 500mA regulated UL listed power supply
100ft video power camera cable

This product gives good images and is cheaper than some other comparable higher priced models.