Skylink WS-100/WS-100N Wireless Remote Control Channel Review

This is a review of the Skylink WS-100/WS-100N Wireless Remote Control, Channel A remote. My house has a nice fountain the in back of the yard and some associated lights. I had power there at that location but didn’t have a switch inside the house to control the fountain. I was looking for a remote control device to turn on the power there outside. This was the perfect device. This only costs $16 dollars and is nothing to hook up at all.

Simply take the unit and plug the receiver into your power. Then plug in your device into the receiver. You can then use the remote fairly far away from the system to switch on the power or switch it off. I found this worked perfectly. My fountain is 65 feet from the house and the associated lights are out there too. It was really easy to install and it works every sigle time. I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these for remote control of electrical items.