Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System Review

Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System Review

This is a review of the Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System. This alarm system can be purchased on Amazon for $136.00 dollars. First a little about my background. I had a job that had me moving around quite often and so I never signed up with a security monitoring company because I didn’t want to get stuck in a three year contract and then have to break it when my company wanted me to move again. Signing up for alarm monitoring was not something that I wanted to do. I think one of my best other options was to put in my own security system.

So when I last moved to the house before the one I have now, I purchased the Skylink SC-1000 Complete Wireless Alarm System from online for $136.00.  I was wondering how difficult it would be to install. I have done some work on different houses that I lived in but didn’t know about an alarm system. What if it went off in the night accidently because of something I did. Well I figured, it was worth a shot. At only $136.00, I didn’t have much to lose. It was a whole lot cheaper than having a contract with one of the larger security companies.

So I got the system delivered pretty fast. I opened up the packaging and went through the instructions. They were pretty self explanatory. Here is what was in the box:

Alarm with control panel (SC-001);
one motion sensor (PS-434A);
two door/window sensors (WT-433);
one keychain transmitter (4B-434);
one emergency dialer (AD-433S);
two adapters;
three nine-volt alkaline batteries;
three 12-volt alkaline batteries;
phone line;
instruction manual;
and warranty card.

I was glad there were batteries in the system. I hate buying batteries. I really liked the idea of the keychain transmitter. I gave that to my wife to be on her keyring. That’s really a handy feature because what if you can’t make it to the alarm panel but you need to sound the alarm. It’s good to have. This option is actually more money if you are buying a system like ADT. A lot of companies don’t include that remote even though they are not that expensive.

The best part about this system I liked was that it was wireless. I was initially worried a bit about how well it would transmit through the house. I have a decent sized house with brick throughout, but it was no problem for it.

I was glad too that the system has something called a “rolling code”. This is pretty much how garage doors work where they scramble codes or change codes frequenty that they transmit with so that other people can’t pick up on the signals.

There are other Skylink accessories that you can add onto your system. I might add that if you tried to setup a security system like this with ADT, it would be very expensive. Here are some of the accessories:

Control Panel – SC-001
Audio Alarm – AA-433
Keychain Remote – 4B-434
Motion Sensor – PS-434A
Door/Window Sensor – WT-433E
Alarm Sensor – AS-433E
Flood Sensor – FS-433E
Keypad Control – KP-434
Temperature Sensor – TS-101A
Vibration Sensor – VS-433E
Silent Alarm – SW-433
Panic Remote – PT-434
Wrist/Watch Style – Remote – HW-434
Magnetic Switch – MS-001

Overall I was very pleased with the system. It was easy to install because there were no wires. I like having the remote on my wife’s keychain in case she needs to set the alarm off and I like the idea that I can add on further options to the system in the future.