Security Tips for securing your home

You read about them everyday in the news. Home invasions. They are scary, random, and sobering. The one I read about the doctor who had his house broken into and his family killed was just so tragic. In today’s world, how can we protect ourselves against stuff like that from happening. We can’t prevent everything but we can do some small things to keep ourselves safe. Here’s my list of things you should consider:


1. Get a dog – These are great friends and great protectors. Get one that is good with small children if you have small children.

2. Get a gun – There’s nothing wrong with guns if you know how to use them. Get some training if you get a gun. There’s nothing worse that someone having a gun that doesn’t know how to safely handle one.

3. Light up your property – Electricity is cheap for lights. Add more lights to your property.

4. Cut down bushes in front of your hose if they block your windows. Don’t give burglars a way to get into your house.

5. Don’t allow your family to be unprotected at night. Don’t let your kids go outside at night by themselves especially if they are very young.