Security Company Comparison

The home security space is getting a bit more crowded as internet providers start to provide security systems as well. ATT and Comcast are some of the newer players in this arena providing security systems through their high speed internet services. I think the question should be of these, “Can these companies really provide me with good service, given that they do such a poor job of service in other areas.

Working with ATT can be a terrible experience. I have a hard time believing that they can just jump into the home security business and do a great job. ATT gets terrible ratings by its customers in many areas.

Here are some of the companies offering “free” installation:

Protect America – I see a lot of Protect America signs around where I live

FrontPoint – Ditto on Front Point, they are fairly popular as well. You may like them for their shorter contract length of only 12 months

Alarm Force – Three year contract with these guys

Monitronics Home Security – This is one of the more expensive options coming out to about $50 dollars per month. Over the long run, I don’t think this “free” installation is really free.

Lifeshield Security – Lifeshield was tailored more for the care of elderly individuals

Guardian Protection

I still think the best option though is ADT. With monthly costs of only $35 dollars and up, they are right in there with their costs with other companies. Generally, you have to sign a contract with ADT, but usually you will be living in your house for some time anyway, so that should not be a concern.