Safewatch Pro Alarm Systems from ADT

The Safewatch Pro ADT systems offer you several options. ADT sells a number of different security systems. Of the many that they sell, they include the Safewatch Pro System. The Safewatch system by ADT includes several different models.

Safewatch Pro Alarm Systems

  • Safewatch Caretaker Plus
  • Safewatch EZ
  • Safewatch Plus Entrepreneur
  • Safewatch Pro 2000
  • Safewatch Pro 3000
  • Safewatch Pro 3000 / Entrepreneur 3000
  • Safewatch Pro 3000EN / Entrepreneur 3000EN / Security Manager 3000EN

The Safewatch Pro RF package has a base install fee of $499 which is a considerable amount of money. Monly monitoring is around $35 / month. Now, I say that is a considerable amount of money for what you get. I believe that you can get the same qualiaty of monitoring from another company other than ADT and install the equipment yourself.

Let’s compare systems to see what we are getting. Here are the standard components of the Safewatch Pro 3000 that you get.

1 Safewatch Pro 3000 Wireless Control Panel.

1 Safewatch Pro 3000 Standard Touchpad. All ADT Safewatch® Pro 3000 security systems come with one Standard Touchpad. You can add additional touchpads to place in other areas of your property for additional convenience and to check the status of your system from multiple areas in your home.

2 Wireless Door/Window Sensors:
These devices are recommended for all doors and windows at ground level, windows near trees or shrubs, or doors and windows that are dark or hidden from view.

1 Wireless Motion Detector
Can help detect movement in rooms, hallways and on stairs, and helps reduce false alarms.

1 Quick Key Remote:
This handy accessory allows you to arm or disarm your system, open your garage door, or even turn on the lights in your home – all from the palm of your hand. Its unique, one-button operation eliminates the need to remember codes and helps to reduce false alarms.

1 Indoor Alarm Speaker:
ADT Indoor Sounders use loud beeps to notify you to emergency conditions such as fire or intrusion. All ADT systems come with one sounder, but you can add additional sounders.

1 Power Supply and 24 Hour Battery:
Provides power to your system and an extra high-capacity battery in case of power outage.

1 ADT Window Decal and Yard Sign:
Warn potential intruders your home is protected by ADT.  (Read one of my other articles on this site why it’s not good to display burglar alarm decals on your home).

Let’s now compare that system with one of the other popular systems out there, the GE  Simon XT alarm system. It’s base price is $251 off of Amazon at:…

What do you get with this system? One of the most important parts of the system is that you can add on later alarm areas with it. If you want to, you can protect up to 40 different zones in your house with this alarm system. The wireless kit includes:


Simon XT Security Control System
* 2) Wireless Crystal Door/Window Contacts Or Upgrade to 2) 60-688-95 Micro Contacts
* 1) SAW Pet-Immune Motion Sensor
* 1) 4-Button Keychain Remote
* 1) Simon XT Installation DVD
* Power Supply
* Rechargeable 24 hour backup battery
* Telephone jack and flat cord
* 4 security window stickers
* Expert technical support

So what’s the difference here. It’s called money. ADT is more expensive by almost double the amount of money. ADT also installs proprietary equipment. The GE Simon equipment can be monitored by a number of different security companies. There are some that will do monitoring for as low as $10 / month. ADT is around $35 / month for their system.  Over several years, that will save you a lot of money.

Remember too that ADT will also ask that you sign a 3 year contract.  That is $1,260 dollars over 3 years vs. $360 dollars over three years for the GE Simon system monitoring.  What about installing the systems though you ask?  Won’t that be difficult?  Remember that these are wireless systems. There is no need to run as many wires, etc. You will need to hook up your backup battery system but that’s not difficult.