Redudant Security Measures and Systems

You know the best backup plan is two backup plans and a backup plan for the backup plan.  Security systems must have backup plans.  If you think that one security system can secure you, then you are making a failed assumption. Consider your home or your business to be an island.  Who can get onto your island is up to you.  If you have one security system, then it can be breached or it may work well and just not detect the person who is trying to break into your house or business.

How should you design your security system? It should first be designed so that if one area of the system fails, then an alternate area can pick up where the first one left off. What if you have outdoor motion lights but the burglar goes around where the motion lights are. Or maybe it’s a windy night and you have turned off your motion spotlights. How then will you tell if someone is breaking into your home or business.

When you design your system, draw concentric circles around your home or business. At the outer edge of the circle, you place sensors that don’t call the police but they are deterrent type alarm systems. Maybe they turn on some motion lights or like a driveway alarm, they alert you inside your home that there is someone outside your home.  As you get closer to where everything is more important, such as inside your home, then your level of security needs to ramp up a bit. If someone opens your house door in the night, you want an alarm going off immediately so that you and the police are alerted.

Place multiple sensors around your home or business to let you know when someone is approaching. I recommend driveway sensors for that with multiple zones so that  you can know which zone has been tripped. Also, cut down trees around your home so that you can have better visibility. There should be no blind spots around your residence so that you can see someone approaching.

Consider fencing in your yard and if you are the type of person who likes animals, consider getting some dogs. Dogs are great protectors and can not only alert you to danger but they can act as a deterrent as well. Who wants to mess with a dog.

At your inner part of your home, you will need to have stronger defense measures. Leathal force if necessary, but that should be your last resort. You need a home bunker. If someone breaks into your home, lock yourself in your bedroom with your family and some weapon.  Don’t confront an intruder. That is the surest way to have a problem or get you or someone else hurt.