Protect America Copper Package Review

Protect America Copper Package Review

This article discusses Protect America’s Copper Package compared to what other security companies are offering out there. Protect America’s Copper Package

includes the following items:

*  Talking control panel
* One motion detector
* Three door/window sensors
* Internal siren and door chime
* Battery backup
* One button arming
* Three window decals
* One yard sign

Some of these items come as part of a standard security package. With the different companies that you go with, you will get a control panel. Whether it is talking or not depends on the system. Most are not talking control panels.  The security systems will always give you an internal siren and door chime. They will always give you a batter backup. On one button arming, they won’t always give you that.

The key feature here that you are getting with the security system is the GE Simon XT Control panel. It has features that you can use in the future. Now, you can buy some of those features if you upgrade to one of the more expensive security packages that Protect America has. Protect America’s has other packages as well which they all name after different metals. They only differ by how many door / window sensors they have and how much Protect America will charge you each month.

Bronze – 10 window / door sensors and is $35.95 per month.
Gold – 12 window / door sensors and is 36.95 with an upfront cost of $99.
Platinum – 15 window / door sensors and 36.95 with an upfront cost of $149.

So it comes down to, do you want to spend more money out of your pocket up front or not. You can buy the basic system, however, I don’t know what Protect America charges to add on extra options later, but you can add them on. Things like the following:

*  Door/Window Sensor – You can always add more sensors up the limit of your control panel, 30 for the wireless and 40 for the hard wired.
* Motion Detector
* Keychain Remote Control – this is a recommended security item I would purchase.
* Glass Break Detector – These are not usually necessary if you have a motion detector covering the area as well
* Low Temperature Sensor – This would probably not be needed.
* Flood Sensor – Flood sensors can be purchased on Amazon for around $12, and they are good as long as you replace the batteries.
* Medical Panic Pendant – A pendant worn on the neck or waist, this is for emergency response usually for older people.
* Overhead Garage Door Sensor Kit – This will let you know when your door is oppening.
* Consists of a modified sensor with a fixed accessory that enables the sensor to run for the client’s overhead door.

Additional yard sign, window decal, and solar yard sign light – These signs actually tell the criminals what type of security system you have.
X10 Powerhorn Siren – Noisy siren
X10 Appliance Module – you can control your appliances with your command station. Now think about this one, you want to walk over to your command station to turn your tv off, your your coffee maker. This is a bit overkill.
X10 Lamp Module – Turn on lights in your house with the command station.

Protect America Equipment

There are two types of control panels you can purchase, the wired XT and the Simon Wireless. They only differ by how many zones they will cover. It will be a little more work to get all the wired system installed. 24 security zones is a lot unless you want to secure all of your windows, then it is probably not enough.

GE Simon XT Control Panel:

*     Easy to use
*     English voice feedback
*     Backup battery
*     Interior siren
*     Keypad
*     A striking new design
*     A smaller size
*     An LCD display
*     Control for up to 40 zones

GE Simon 3 Wireless

*    One button arming
*    Pager feature
*    Additional user codes
*    24-hour emergency button
*    Fully supervised
*    Battery backup
*    Status button
*    Door chime
*    Control for up to 24 zones

Here’s an important note about the GE XT control panel. You can set it up to be self monitoring. In other words, it can dial you instead of the security company if there is an alarm situation. You may like this route because after you have the system for a while and your contrat runs out with Protect America, you could manage the system yourself. Many of the other security systems from other companies are proprietary so you are married to them and can’t change them greatly. The Simon systems give you some more flexibility.

Overall, I would go with Protect America because of this flexibility and the future growth that this security system offers.