Programming the GE Interlogix Alarm System

If you want to add more features or options to your GE Interlogix Alarm, then you may need to do some programming of your alarm system to accomplish that. It is possible to add up to 32 modules onto the GE Interlogix system.  This manual includes definitions of what type of system you are working with. There are various options on the Interlogix system, so you could have the 12 key, 24 key, etc.

When you first start, it is important to try to determine what your current configuration is. There is no point to programming your system if you mess up some of the current options that you have. Get to know the programming area of the system before you make any major changes. A common request that I see is the ability to add new features onto the sytsem such as modules and keypads. It is actually fairly simple to do following the instructions found the in manual.

I’ve snipped a couple of paragraphs from the manual and included them here on enrolling new modules or keypads:

“For supervision purposes, the NX-8 has the ability to automatically find and store in its memory, the presence of all keypads, zone expanders, wireless receivers, and any other module connected to the data terminal. This allows these modules to be supervised by the control panel. To enroll the modules, enter the Program Mode of the NX-8 control panel as described on page 9. When the Program Mode is exited, the NX-8 control will automatically enroll the devices. The enrolling process takes about 12 seconds, during which time the “Service” LED will illuminate. User
codes will not be accepted during the enrolling process. If a speaker is attached to the NX-8, it will click at this time. If a siren or bell is attached to the NX-8, it will sound for about 1 second. Once a module is enrolled, if it is not detected by the control, the “Service” LED will illuminate.”

Verify before you begin your work that the model you have matches up with the ones supported in the manual.  Here is a link to the manual from GE if needed: GE Interlogix Alarm Manual.