Power Failure Alarm Reliance Controls THP201 Phone Out Alarm

This article is a review of the Reliance Controls THP201 Automatic Phone Out Alarm power failure alarm.  If you are like me, you sometimes worry when you leave the house on a long trip. Will the house be ok? What if the power goes out? What if there is a water break and I get water damage. Having a power failure or water leak alarm can provide you with some peace of mind while you are traveling.  A friend of mine got one of these alarms because he sometimes leaves his cats at home as well and wants to make sure they are ok if the power goes out.

Let’s first review the features of this alarm to see if it is right for you:

* Automatically calls up to 3 different owner programmed phone numbers with a clear voice message in the event of: Power failure, freezing, condtiions, water leakage, or flooding.
* Freeze warning activates at 45 F.
* Connects to existing telephone lines and installs in minutes with no special wiring required.
* Selectable 5 or 15 minute initial call out delay, will continue calling for up to 10 hours if needed.
* 9V battery backup included. FCC approved.

I really like the idea that it didn’t take any special wiring or contracts. I have several rental houses and some of these sit idle for long periods of time when I am not renting them out. With old equipment in the house, this can sometimes be a problem. Rewind back to March of this year. While winter had ended up for most people, we were hit with a terrible storm.  Some of my houses are in some rather remote areas and they have to have some power to them or else the water systems will freeze up. I usually solve this by using electrical tape wrap around the pipes but that’s no good when the power goes out. About 3 in the morning after one of the storms I got alerted that the power was out. I’ll have to say its pretty weird to be called by one of these things. You have to take a moment and think and remember what is going on. So anyway though, I drive out to the place and sure enough, there was a tree down over the lines and the power was out. I got the power company to come out early, but if I had just let it go a week, it probably would have been very expensive to fix.

These units get fairly good ratings and they are cheap. It’s better than me slip sliding around the hills here checking on my houses all the time. I would highly recommend one of them.