Pinnacle Security Monthly Fees and Complaints

When I was first doing some research on Pennacle Security’s monthly fees, I checked around the internet and found varying prices and many of them were high.  I was also pretty shocked to discover a lot of complaints for Pinnacle Security.  So I’ve included some information on them in this article. Reviews on Pinnacle Security were mixed, which is likely the case with any very large company. Some customers are sure to have bad experiences and some good ones. However, let’s see what the totals are for costs. The short answer is anywhere between $45 and $50 per month. There may be installation fees on top of that. Pinnacle is not very clear on their website what their charges are, so you have to find out people who have purchased from the. Those fees vary from person to person.

I found this article that the Attorney General of Chicago got Pinnacle to ban deceptive sales tactics. That’s a bit scary right out of the gate:

One thing is important to note, Pinnacle doesn’t do their own security monitoring. Their monitoring is handled by which is a monitoring company.  Pinnacle though will sell you the equipment and setup the contract with you.

I was shocked to see so many gross complaints about Pinnacle Security that I thought I would include some of those complaints with this article. According to the Better Business Beaurea, there were this many complaints about Pinnacle Security for last year.

If you read through the fine, print, you will see that the majority of the complaints center around their selling practices. I read stories of grandmothers being hoodwinked by salesmen from Pinnacle. They signed up for a security system and then ended up paying $50 / month for the fees and other crazy stories.

The moral of the story here is to check out a company before you do business with them. Are they accredited by the BBB? Are there lots of complaints out there about them? Do you know anyone who has used their business before?  Personally after reading these reviews of Pinnacle, I would stay away from their business.