Night Vision Security Cameras – Outdoor security cameras

What outdoor security camera should you buy to watch your property and vehicles?  This article reviews a couple of the leading security cameras out there in a reasonable price range and compares some of their features.  Security cameras have evolved from the old black and white closed circuit cameras to smart cameras which can be hooked to computers for imaging algorithms to monitor motion and other events.  A security camera is only part of a good security system but it is a very important part because without being able to see what happened or what will happen, you have to constantly stay alert and monitor your premises for trouble.  Here are a couple of outdoor security cameras to compare.

First, lets look at the Q-See QSC48030 High Resolution Weatherproof CCD Camera w/80ft of Night Vision.  First off, I like to research the company I am going to buy from because it is important to know you are dealing with a reputable company. Does the company have a history of bad products. Are they a bad name in the security industry.  Q-See has a fairly good reputation among consumers. They supply security systems for both residential and business security needs alike. If you are looking for a moderately priced camera, then you can be assured that the Q-See camera here is a good price. Axis is another very good security camera company, however you will find that their products tend to run a bit more than the Q-See brand.

How well does the Q-See actually see at night? First off, think about taking a photo in low light. Some of your detail is washed out. You can’t believe some of those TV shows that show the cops blowing up photos 10 x’s to see who did it. Most photos are grainy. However, a grainy photo is better than no photo. Will it be enough to identify someone in a lineup? Most likely I would say no. Consider these photos from Amazon:…

To me, you can see enough in this photo to know who the person is well enough to identify them. But consider a few things. The subject is only about 10 feet away. Could you also make out this subject at 80 feet enough to identify them. The house in the background is probably somewhere around 80 feet away. I know I could not tell who that was that far away. So consider first, do you have any outdoor lighting that can help light up the area?  You will get a better image if there is more light, just like a digital camera in low light.

You will notice here we are probably looking at about 20 feet out. At this point, I can still make out some details but in the dark, the camera is fairly dark.

Remember too that this is suppossed to be a color camera. At this point, you can really only see shades of black and white. There is some color coming through but the camera is being driven by infrared lighting housed around the lense of the camera.  That will affect how some colors are seen.