Motion activated webcam security software, Vision GS PE, YAWCAM and others

One option in home security monitoring is to get a motion activated camera to notify you when there is someone at your house or someone trying to break in.  Motion based camera systems are nice because they have fewer false positives like PIR motion based systems have.

Also, purchasing a motion based camera system gives you some options as to price and features. You can buy an inexpensive camera and start with that. The choice is up to you. You can build any type of security system that you would like to. It all involves time and money. It’s best before you start to review some of your options though so that you can make an informed decision. Is it cheaper to purchase your own security system or to buy one from one of the large security companies like ADT or Broadview security?

1. Purchase a video capture card that comes with software to detect motion. You can combine this with a closed caption video feed to the card.

Many of these cards go for anywhere from $40 to $100. You need to supply the PC though and the cameras. If you add all of that up, that can be expensive.  The photo to the right here is a Q-See digital video card. You can purchase this from Amazon for around 70 to 90 dollars. Consider though that you still have to purchase the cameras and have the PC to run the video card. This option is only good if you don’t want to invest a lot in a system and if you already have some of the hardware, cameras, etc. there at your house or business.  These cards take the analog video in from the closed circuit television feeds and then convert it into digital signals. Those digital signals are then stored on your computer. The DVR cards can store up to several weeks of video on your computer. This is handy if you want to come back later and see what happened. Or if you are going on vacation and something happens at your home that you don’t know about.

1. Purchase a packaged DVR security system. This is a nice option if you want to do some of the setup and work yourself but don’t want to purchase all of the individual components. DVR systems are made by companies like Swann.  QSee also makes a system that you can purchase and setup. If you go with one of these systems, it would be nice to have a wireless camera system along with it. That way, you don’t have to drill holes in your house and go to more effort.
2. Connect a webcam to some free software and set it up to send you an email when it detects motion. This is the cheapest of all the options, however, this assumes that you have a computer free that you can dedicate to this.  The best system I have found so far for this is called VisionGS PE. VisionGS is used to monitor multiple camera systems and alert you when there are changes in images for any of them. If there is a change in the image, then VisionGS can send you a text message, email you a photo, and capture a video. You can change the sensitivity of the camera as well.  I looked at some other software packages such as YAWCAM and AbleCam, but they were a bit more difficult to use. VisionGS PE seemed to be the most intuitive. You can find their website at