Monitronics alarm system review

Monitronics is an alarm system company based out of Dallas, TX. They provide home security to approximately 700,000 residential customers nationwide. Their alarm systems work like the majority of other alarm systems out there. If there is an alarm event, (ie. fire or break in), they call your phone to get in touch with you to see if there is an actual problem. You provide them with your password if there is no problem. If there is a problem and they can’t get in touch with you, then they dispatch the police or fire department. This is how most security companies work.

Let’s get down to what I consider to be the important part of choosing a security company for home security monitoring. Cost and long term contract. You can find out how much they will charge in your area by getting information here:…

Typically they are going to fall into the regular monitoring rate of around $30 to $35 / month for the monitoring fees. The more things you add on, the higher they charge.

There is typically a three year contract and they don’t like you to break it. So if you think you are going to move somewhere in the next year, then consider that before you have a security system installed. Some companies such as ADT will let you take the system with you so to speak, meaning that they will let you sign another contract with them as long as you move after 1 year and sign up with them again. Check with Monitronics to find out if they offer this as well.

They key thing that I found out when researching this company is that sometimes you have good installers and sometimes bad. This happens with all companies, but you can avoid some of these issues if you talk with your independent security dealer upfront and ask them how good their install techs are at putting in the systems. They will say they are the best, but if you stress that you don’t want to have anything go wrong on the install, they will likely send a more experienced person out for the install.

You will find with larger companies and independent installers that there are good installers and bad. Choose a good local company that you can call and complain to. That is your best step to make sure you have a pleasant experience with them. Also, consider several different types of alarm systems. Monitronics will put out the Honeywell system, however you can get other systems like the GE alarm system from other companies. That system can be further expanded as well.