Metro Fire San Diego Fire Prevention Company in Spring Valley CA

I have some friends who live in Spring Valley San Diego and they asked me to check on a security company to secure their home against fire. I checked around the Spring Valley area and found several companies that they could use.  They had varying differences on what they focused on.  My friends were mainly interested in smoke alarm systems and fire prevention systems that they could install in their kitche. They also wondered about what types of fire extinguishers that they could purchase.

I did some research and found a company named Metro Fire.  Metro Fire, which you can find at (phone number – (619) 670-3500) is focused mainly on fire and saftey equipment. They focus on problems that can be created around the kitchen area of your home. Specifically they focus on:

*     Annual fire extinguisher maintenance and service
*     Kitchen suppression system
*     Live Burn Fire Training
*     Insuring that our customers are up to code and more importantly prepared in case of an emergency
*     First Aid Kits
*     Exit / emergency lights (E-Lights)
*     Safety products such as – fire blankets, eye wash stations, etc.

Now, you may be saying that you never had a fire and that you will never have a fire. Fires in the home are more likely than you might think. I had a friend in high school who set fire to his kitchen by accidently overcooking something on the stove top. Their whole kitchen was gutten in a matter of minutes and they would have lost their house if the fire department had not arrived quickly enough. You need to have the basic items in your house to help with potential fires. What is a kitchen suppression system?  It is a system designed to smother the fire at the most likely points. It is essentially a fire extinguisher system setup around your cooking area where it is most likely that you will have a fire. You can also do something as simple as putting a fire extinguisher near where you cook. If you have to go out to the garage to get a fire extinguisher, that may take too much time and time is very important when you have a fire.