Medical Alert System Review of Lifefone Medical Alert Monitoring

Medical monitoring systems for older individuals are on the rise. These valuable security systems can help protect the ones you love
and give you some peace of mind when you cannot be with someone that you provide care for.  A medical alert monitoring system works
very simply by giving someone a small device that they can press to summon help for themselves.
This article is a review of the different products that there are out there right now for medical alert monitoring and how much they
cost. Let’s first consider LifeFone.

Information about LifeFone can be found at

Let’s go over the basics of how this system works. When you purchase the system the person you are caring for is given a small pendent that they can wear around their neck. There is a button on the pendent. When the user presses the button, they are immediately connected to an Emergency response person who can get them help. Here is a photo of the pendent necklace.

This is invaluable if you are caring for someone who:

  •     can’t care for themselves
  •     has limited mobility
  •     is currently confined to their home due to sickness or illness

The big issues I was wondering about when purchasing one of these systems was do I have to sign a contract or pay a lot of up front
fees. From LifeFone’s website though I read:

“LifeFone costs less than a dollar a day — there are no hidden costs and you can cancel LifeFone at anytime. LifeFone offers Security and Peace of Mind at an affordable price.”  So that means that you don’t have to sign a contract. That is a good first step for me. I’ve been bogged down before with cell phone contracts or cable tv contracts and I didn’t want to get a medical alert system that had a contract.
What about some other questions that seem to plague other security systems, such as power outages, going away from your system receiver, etc.  Here are some answers from LifeFone:


  • Console Technology — LifeFone’s high-tech two-way voice console and pendant have been approved by UL Underwriters Laboratories as Home Health Care Signaling Devices.
  • Waterproof Pendant — LifeFone’s small, lightweight pendant is easy to use, and is monitored by the LifeFone Response Center 24 hours a day. The simple pendant can be worn as a necklace or wristlet, and there are never any batteries to change.
  • Extended Range Protection — Every system has the ability to protect subscribers up to 1000 feet from the console. This means protection throughout the home, into the yard and garden.
  • 100% Lifetime Warranty — Every LifeFone unit is backed by our warranty and your LifeFone equipment will be quickly replaced at no charge.
  • Battery Back-Up — In case of a power failure the LifeFone console’s built-in battery will protect you for up to 36 hours. The LifeFone Response Center is automatically notified of the power failure, and will take action according to your Emergency Care Plan.
  • LifeFone’s Phone Answer Feature — The LifeFone console allows you to answer incoming phone calls simply by pressing your pendant button. You can speak to your callers from across the room by activating LifeFone’s two-way speaker console.