Mace Brand Wireless Home Security System Review

This is a review of the Mace Brand Wireless Home Security System.  You can purchase this system for roughly $70. This is a wireless home security system. So, unlike some of the other systems that are installed, you can do most of this yourself easily. No wires to run and you can be up and running with this system fairly fast.

The Mace Wireless Home Security system lets you add up to 14 additional wireless accessories. These include more motion detectors, window sensors, or door sensors. The system says that it will transmit up to 250 feet. That is fairly far and more than the distance of my house. I wish I had a house that large. Installing the system was fairly easy. Just take it out of the box. I always read the instructions to see if I am going to miss anything important. I was a bit concerned about programming this unit. I have had some other units that have been difficult to hook up because you have to enter in numerous codes and do numerous tests.

When I first installed this, I was a bit disappointed with the range of the remote. I could only get my remote to work from about 35 feet away. My house is over 60 feet long, so that’s a bit of a problem, but one that didn’t seem to be too bad. I had read about the 250 foot range and thought it would apply to remote, but it did not. It may apply to the sensors or it may have been a problem with my house since I have a brick style house.

I did find the instructions a bit difficult to follow. The product though was fairly easy to use once it was all installed. It was pretty cool when I had it
setup to call my phone and my wife’s phone and it went off and we both got the call. That could be circumvented by cutting the phone line, but since I was just researching the system and not relying on it for my main security, I wasn’t so concerned. As a general rule, you should prevent physical access to your phone lines by having them buried if possible or encasing them in metal outside your home.  All in all, this was a decent purchase and I would recommend this system.