LifeStation Medical Alert Services Review

Are you looking for a medical alert system that has no contract and no hidden fees? You may be interested in LifeStation. There are several medical alert companies out there. LifeStation is one to consider but I think there may be better companies out there.

They have different plans that start at around $26.95 / month. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the system:

* Their help button is waterproof. I like this idea because it would be bad to fall in the shower. Bathtubs are notorious for being very slippery and one fall can seriously injure someone.
* You can wear a help bracelet, necklace or belt clip. I think the bracelet and the necklace are pretty typical, but I do like the idea of a belt clip. It might not be as bothersome as having something next to your skin like the medical necklace or bracelet.
* They say their range is around 400 feet. I wouldn’t try to push that though. 400 feet is a football field. Do you think someone with a medical bracelet should be 400 feet from their transmitter. I think this is more of a feature that should be pretty standard on systems. Your transmitter should be able to connect to the receiver.
* This has a battery backup system so that if the power goes out the medical alert system still works.

Now, the big question, how does this compare with other systems. There are companies that I have seen that provide more advanced features. All we are talking about with this system is a medical alert alarm. Other companies let you have intercom features on their systems. LifeStation may offer that, but I didn’t see it listed on their site. Other companies also offer boost abilities to their systems so that you can have some extended range on your transmitter. I would check other companies and shop around. Think of the features that you are going to need in your system.