Lifefone Medical Alert System Review

This is a review of the LifeFone medical alert system sold by LifeFone.  If you are elderly or you care for someone who may not be able to help themselves at all times, then you may be interested in a medical alert system.  With the push of a button, a medical alert system can notify a monitoring company that you need help.  These systems work similar to an alarm system such as ADT.

A medical alert bracelet or necklace can be with you always. That means that you can get help quickly. Amazingly if you get help fast, your chance of having a long hospitalization will decrease greatly. If you have a stroke or a fall, it’s important that you get help quickly.

LifeFone costs only $1 a day. That’s fairly inexpensive considering that the alternative which may be an expensive hospitalization.   How then does the medical alert system work?  You simply press a button and the monitoring company is notified.  It is that simple. Here are some actual testimonials from owners of the LifeFone system:

“On March 3rd I fell in my kitchen and broke my leg. I quickly pushed the button on my LifeFone. In less than 5 minutes an ambulance were here.  LifeFone helped me when I could not get in touch with anyone.”

That is a pretty good testimony to me. Especially when you think about the fact that many elderly people may not have someone they can call right away or they may not be able to make it to the phone. I have found that as a caregiver that I want to give my family some freedom but yet make sure they are ok. You can do this through the Lifefone product. I have reviewed other products as well and I think this one has more features than some of the other medical alert bracelets out there. You can get long range transmitters and additional pendants. This allows your loved ones to have some flexibility in their coverage. A long range transmitter was great for a family friend of mine where their great uncle liked to garden. He could get out and garden but still be covered safely.

He is a diabetic and one day was having blood sugar issues and got very weak and confused. Thankfully he used the pendant and was able to get help quickly. One thing that I have found is that accidents or problems are not always convenient or on our schedule. You can’t depend on everything working in an ideal environment so you have to plan for the less than ideal environment.  That means bumping up the number of failsafes in a person’s life.

You have to use your judgement when you decide how much to invest or how much coverage to have for your system. If the person you care for is bedfast, then it doesn’t make sense to get a long range transmitter. This is a judgement call and you best know what fits your situation. Lifefone though is one of the better companies out there for service and I recommend them highly.