Lifefone Medical Alert Button Review

This is a review of the Lifefone Medical Alert Button made by Lifefone as part of their home monitoring system. There are several ways you can communicate with the Lifefone base unit. There are medical pendents, speakers, and then there is this unit which is a unit that sits on top of a table or nightstand and is a unit with a large button on it. Some people prefer to have one of these units along with their bracelet or pendent because it is easy to find at night. It’s simply a large button that you press. Once you press it, you can then communicate with emergency personnel and get help.

There are some additional ways to use this device as well. You can mount it to a while if you use some double sided tape. That way you could put the system in the bathroom if you need to and have it mounted on a wall. While looking at this option, it’s best to consider where you think that your loved one will have problems in the home. Are there any areas that they have more trouble than others. You would want it near those areas. When most people get older they don’t want to be going up and down stairs. Once my grandparents got older, they never went back upstairs and instead had their living areas moved downstairs. My grandmother would most frequenty fall right next to her bed, so that would be the ideal place to put this device. However, consider this as well that they have to be able to reach the device. It’s funny how a person who is in good physical shape may not think much about where to place this device. Just put it on the nightstand. Well, if you do that, what if the person cannot reach the top of the nightstand. That might be quite a chore for an older disabled person to do.

With that in mind, I don’t recommend getting this device. It is much better to go with the pendant or bracelet device. That is always with the person if they keep it on. If they fall, they don’t have to worry about whether or not they will be able to reach up on the nightstand or pull themselves close to it.