Lifefone Long Range Transmitters Review

If you have a loved one who uses Lifefone monitoring or is thinking about purchasing it, then I would recommend this additional device which is a long range trasmitter for the Lifefone system. It is probably naive of us to think that our loved ones will always stay beside their chair or bed throughout the day. Many older people I know like to get outside sometimes to do gardening or work in the yard. However that can be dangerous because of rocks and things that they can trip over. Or it could be hot outside and they might have problems functioning. If they run into problems, then it would be nice if they could press their medical alert bracelet and get some help from Lifefone. However, the indoor transmitter has a limited range. One way to extend this range is topurchase their long range transmitter option.

If you do purchase this option, I would recommend having someone come out to your home to test how effective it is at different distances. These devices work with radio frequencies. It is not uncommon for those frequencies to vary over different terrain. Remember those old radio sets that would pick up better if they were set in one spot of a room or another. This device works the same way. It can get a better signal when it has a clear line of sight. Do you have a rolling landscape or a flat landscape? Those are some things to take into consideration when you purchase one of these. Personnely I feel it is worth it if the person you are taking care of is active and is going to go out of the house. If not, then the indoor unit is fine.