LaserShield Wireless Home Alarm System Review

The LaserShield Wireless Home Alarm System is a product put out by Brickhouse security located at  At first glance you may think by the name that this product uses lasers to put a shield around your home. While ideal for Austin Powers, that’s not what the product does. The system actually uses a motion detector that uses an infrared motion area detector.

It is based on a PIR motion detection system which is a heat based motion detection system.  Here is a video demonstration of the system:

What are some possible ways that you could get around this security system?  Well, it’s not monitored, so even if it does go off, it’s not going to notify anyone that there is a problem.  You can pay extra to enable the monitoring, but then what about false alarms. Do you know if you get enough false alarms on your security system, that the police will charge you a fee?

The alarm monitoring fee is $25 / month with a signup fee of $25 dollars. For that money, I would rather purchase a monitored system and get more than just a motion detector.  Let’s consider that the up front cost of this item is $150 dollars. For that price, you could definetly get a system from ADT and have their monitoring for the same price as what you pay for the BrickHouse monitoring or just slightly more.