Is your home security system vulnerable

Is your home security system vulnerable to attacks from burglars? Having an alarm system doesn’t automatically mean that you will be safe from being robbed or safe from a home invasion.  Do you set your alarm system when you leave your house?  Do you leave your windows open?  Do you leave your keys in your car at night.

Home Security System Vulnerability Assessment

Question 1 – Is your alarm system wired or wireless?  If it is wired, then it is easily vulnerable to an attack. Simply put, an intruder can cut your phone line and then enter your home. Your alarm will go off, but that is all it will do. The police will never be contacted and you will be out of your valuables. Wireless systems were relatively new on the market  a few years ago. A wireless system works the same way that a cell phone does. It uses basically a cell phone brain to send out the signal to the alarm system monitoring company. There are no wires for burglars to cut and this is a safer version to get these days. The cost is a bit more because each month you are paying for the network traffic to the alarm system company. They do record when your doors open and when they close. They record alarm events and when you set and unset your alarm.

Question 2 – Is your alarm system control panel accessible?  When I say “accessible”, I mean, how quickly can intruders locate the alarm system control panel box. If they can access it quickly enough, they can defeat your system. That is because the alarm system will not transmit the alarm break-in to the police immediately. This would require the burglars to know where your control panel and transmission box is at so that they could reach it before it notifies the police. Most alarm systems have a control panel where the user enters an access code to disable the alarm. The control panel does not transmit information to the police. Generally that happens in a small box located elsewhere in the house. This is usually put into a closet. Mainly because people don’t want to see the thing on their wall but then also because it makes it harder for thieves to find.  So the burglars break in, they see the control panel, they try to find the transmission box and they defeat your system if they find it. What can you do? You can secure the area that contains your transmission box. You can secure it by locking the closet door where it is located at. Or you can put something in front of it to make it harder to access.

Question 3 – Do you trust your neighbors and others you know?  That sounds like a paranoid question but do you give out your security code to your friends. How man people actually have access to your house? How many people have a key to your house? If you can’t remember, then maybe you should think about changing your locks and changing your access codes. Do your kids give out the access codes to their friends?  When too many people know how your security system works, then you are not really secure are you?  Some systems today have rotating codes. So if you have guests stay at your house, they can use a 1 time code and then it expires. Or you can have codes that are reserved for special people such as contractors. Some codes only give people access to certain parts of your house and not others. This keeps you safer as well because it segments your security into zones.

Remember, common sense is your friend when it comes to security. Don’t trust in an alarm system and forget the basics of keeping yourself safe.