How to secure your property

If you want a secure home and property from burglars, then follow these 10 steps to protecting yourself.

1. Consider installing a security system. Whether you install a do it yourself security system or one that you have monitored, a security system can be invaluable in securing your home and loved ones.
2. Check your outside permiter of your home or property.  Are there large bushes growing around your windows. Are there items on the ground that criminals can use to break into your house.
3. Is the outside of your home well lit?  Is there enough light there to brighten up your property.
4. Are you part of a neighborhood watch program.
5. Can you place some deterrents in your property to prevent crime, such as security system signs or warnings.
6. How often are you at your property. If you are not there often, consider getting a monitored alarm system to let you know of breakins.
7. Do you have a dog. Dogs are great for protecting your property and letting you know when there is a problem.
8. Consider buying a gun or some other personnel protection. Some may disagree with me on this one. You have to make sure that you first know how to use a gun and that secondly, you are going to be cool under fire if you have to use it. You don’t want to be shooting a family member.
9. Install some good locks at your house. Deadbolts are good.
10. Let your neighbors know when you go away.