How much is adt security per month

How much is ADT security per month?  That’s what my friends ask me when they see that I have ADT installed.  Well for me that question can vary. I pay $75 per quarter but that is a sweet deal that I got into about 10 years ago and they never raised my price up.

You may have to pay more. The average is $33 dollars per month. $33 is not bad considering that you get a monitored security system that can offer some additional protection to you at home. Let me put it to you this way. What would you pay for something bad not to happen?  ADT can’t protect you against everything that could happen but I would venture to say that if you went around your house and added up your possessions they would easily be in the several thousand dollar range. You need a security system then. It helps on your homeowners insurance as well. You can get a discount for having a security system.

I have had ADT for 10 years now and I recommend them. They have done a great job and I haven’t had any problems with the alarm service. You will likely have to pay an alarm installation fee of around $99 dollars. You can check with resellers in your town to see if they have any rebates where you can get out of that.