How many sensors do i need for my security system

How do you know how many sensors to put into your alarm system?  This is a common question that I get often. You are excited about getting a new alarm system. Maybe you have had a break-in at your neighborhood. Maybe you have a wife who is home alone at night or maybe you just want to make sure there are no problems at your home. However, then you get the security guy who comes out to your house and he says that extra 1 sensor is going to be another $70 dollars.

That can be disappointing and you might feel like you don’t get all of your needs met. Shouldn’t you be able to secure your entire house you are thinking?  Well, you have two options and I advise everyone that they should consider both of these to see which one fits them best.

First, are you are a do it yourself type of person or are you someone who just wants a security system installed?  For the do it yourself type individuals, there are many security systems out there that have a bunch of sensors. You can buy systems off of Amazon that come with 20 or more sensors which would allow you to cover your entire house. For more details, please check my site here under Home Security for some reviews of those systems.

If you are not a do it yourself type person, then you are limited to how many sensors you can get. You can always pay for more, but who has enough money to buy all the sensors you need?  What you have to do is analyze your home layout and pick where to place your sensors. If you can’t cover your entire house, then place a motion sensor somewhere that will catch the most amount of intruders. Is there somewhere in your home where people would have to pass?  Do you have a room with a lot of glass in it? If so, then consider a glass break sensor. If you combine door sensors with motion sensors, then you can keep your number of sensors down. However, don’t think that you have to have a sensor on every door. If you can’t do every door, then backup your door sensors with motion sensors. That will give you more coverage and let you get the security you want to get without breaking your wallet.