Home Security Tips – Protecting your home from burglary

What’s the best defense against your home being robbed? The answer is a number of things. Most of them you can do to prevent yourself from being robbed. Here are some of the key ones: 1. Install a home security system. Home security systems sometimes have an upfront expense where you purchase the equipment. This is just like signing a cell phone contract. Only sign up for one if you know you are going to be in your house for the next year at least. And ask if they have a move policy. Some security companies will charge you if you move within 1 year of when you had the equipment installed. 2. Is your house adequately lit outside? Lights help deter burglars because it makes your house looked lived in. It also helps keep away burglars because it is harder for them to slip in unnoticed. 3. Install motion sensor lights outside your house. 4. Consider creating a larger perimeter around your home. Does that sound like a war movie or what? If you have a wooded lot, consider cutting down the trees near your house and expanding your yard so that it is harder for people to sneak up on your home.