Home Security Systems Cost Comparison

How much will it cost to purchase and install a home security system. Here is a breakdown of some of the fees associated. Here I compare two companies (ADT security systems and Broadview security systems). I called up Broadview here in town locally because it was a little difficult to nail down a price on their site online. I believe this is because the security systems use resellers.





Motion Detector






Second Keypad


$165 + 20% Discount

Wireless Door or Window Contacts



Monthly Monitoring Rate



Keychain Remote


$145 + 20% Discount

2 Way Voice

Optional Extra

Extra  Cost

Cellular Backup

Optional Extra

$10 / month

Backup Battery



Yard Signs



Setup Cost


$49 / $155


You can see that the Broadview security package is more expensive. ADT has some up front setup fees as well but their give you more options for your first installation that are included in the price.


Broadview security is one of the larger growing companies here in the US. According to JD Power & Associates, they have great customer service:




I thought that ADT had pretty good customer service, however there were some gotcha’s with them. When I called about my one motion sensor going off from a pet walking in front of it, they said it would cost $80 for a tech to come out and check on it. I think things like that should be covered. Broadview has something called a Pet Alley, where they block off a motion area 4 feet high to block out pets from being in the motion area. Broadview’s motion detectors also work as both PIR (body heat) and microwave motion detectors giving them two methods of detecting motion.


Let’s talk a moment about the key fob vs. having an extra panel in the house. Some may opt to have the key fob because it saves money over the panel That’s not a bad idea and most people do go that route.  However, consider where the security panel comes into play. Say someone breaks into your house or your hear a door open. The panel can tell you what part of the house the alarm is going off in. The key fob is handy to set off the alarm remotely from anywhere in the house. I think it also has some range outside the house as well, much like your garage door opener.  You can keep that key fob with you on your nightstand and reach over and set the alarm off if you need to. Personaly, I would do both. That’s more expensive but it is a bit more peace of mind.