Home Alarm Systems in San Diego

Today I will be reviewing home alarm systems in San Diego. San Diego is one of the nicest places I have ever been to. Alot of people like to live there,including burglars. How can you keep your family and posessions safe?  When choosing a security company you have some options. You can go with one of thelarger alarm monitoring companies like ADT or Brinks or you can go with a company that is local to your area. Sometimes a local company has advantages thatthe large ones do not. I think it is sometimes nicer to have someone to blame locally that you can get in touch with instead of a large corporation.

So, let’s get to the companies that were listed in San Diego and what consumers thought about them. First off is 5 Alarm Security. 5 Alarm Security is based in Carlesbad CA and here is their toll free number: 1-866-525-2765. One of the features I was impressed with was the two way communication feature they have on their security systems. Say your security system goes off, they can activate a two way communication feature where you can speak with them and they can speak with you. Most companies will have an under duress code that you can use in case you are under duress. If someone is holding a gun to your head, you can say the wrong password to them over the system and they will say thank you and when they disconnect, they will dispatch out the police immediately. One thing that 5 Alarm Security did not have listed on their website was their prices. However, you can give them a call and get pricing for your area. As a baseline, remember that ADT costs roughly $30 / month and has around a $100 install fee. So if your costs stray too much from that, they are another company you can consider as well.

I also found this article from the San Diego police to be very helpful too when thinking about your home security:


I tried to find other security companies in San Diego but most of the results I got were for the large name companies. Another option you have is to install your own security system and have it monitored by a third party. Sometimes those fees are not very high, such as those for Monitroic which is about $10 / month.