GE 51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit Review

This is a review of the GE 51107 Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Kit. You can purchase this system for roughly $29.97. I was first wondering what you could really get for $30 dollars. That’s not much money. Could you actually get a security for $30 dollars that would do the job?

So let’s skip to the good part. What is in the box? You get the following when your purchase the system:

* 120-Decibel alarm sounds when window or door is opened
* Easy to install with no wiring necessary
* Door alarm uses 4-digit keypad to set security code for arming/disarming
* Alarm delay feature avoids false triggering
* Three window alarms included

So this is a wireless system which makes it a snap to install. There’s not really anything to technically install compared to other systems. You take the door and window alarms and put one side of the sensor on one part of the door frame and then the other on the door. You do the same with the window alarms. The 120 Decibel alarm is loud enough to let you know someone is in the house. You can choose what codes you want to put into the alarm.

You can install this system with double sidded tape so you don’t even have to drill holes in your wall. Activating the alarm is easy, go to the door, activate the alarm and then you have so many seconds to go out. You can activate the alarm for when you are home too. When the alarm starts to go off, you have 30 seconds to disable it before the actual siren goes off. It of course would go off automatically if someone came into the house.

There was one big concern with this alarm that I had. You could come in through a window and the alarm would go off for the window alarm but then once you closed the window, it would stop going off. What good is that? Somebody could just come in and then shut the door and reset the alarm.  However, I did find a workaround for this. The system was just in the wrong mode. It was a bit confusing to work with and I had trouble contacting someone from tech support. However, for $30 bucks it would do in a pinch, but I would recommend getting an alarm system from a company like ADT, etc. Those systems have been tested and you can always get in touch with someone who can help you.