FrontPoint Security Common Problems

Common problems with FrontPoint security revolve around the sensors used in the system. Users most often complained about their motion sensors going off when they should not have and about their door and window sensors going off when they should have not gone off.  If you are having one of these issues, then first consider some of these possible fixes.

Consumers said that the window and door sensors went off when they should have not gone off. Sometimes this is caused because the sensor is not attached properly. FrontPoint’s door and window sensors are put on with adhesive.  It is not that the adhesive they use is poor, it is often that the surface area that the adhesive is sticking to has not been cleaned properly. Clean the surfaces of your doors and windows prior to the installation. Examine your window and door sensors to see if they are secured tightly. Adhesive can be very strong. Did you know that car companies are now using adhesives for a majority of their parts. Just because the alarm company is using adhesive, doesn’t mean that their system has problems. The best way to clean the surface of your windows or doors is with some Windex or some isopropyl alcohol. Just make sure that they are dry before the sensors are applied.

Next, if your motion sensor is going off when you don’t want it to, please check that there are no pets setting it off. Also, check to make sure that there are no plants in front of it that might move around from the air conditioning. This happened to me frequently with some of my outdoor lights. The motion sensor would kick on in a time of a windstorm because the trees nearby were moving.  Also, do you have any pets that may be setting off the motion sensors. If you do have pets, then arm your system for stay instead of away and see if that takes care of the problem.