Electronic deadbolt lock review of the Schlage electronic Link Lock

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you left the house but didn’t lock the door?  Instead of turning around and driving all the way back home, wouldn’t it be nice if you could lock that door remotely instead of running back home. Thanks to some new products from lock companies out there, you can do just that. These are called smart electronic locks. They are locks that can lock either while you are standing there or you can lock them remotely through an internet connection.

Let’s go through a couple of the features of some of the electronic locks and then discuss some of the pros and cons.

First, let’s look at locks from Schlage. Schlage is one of the best known lock companies. When I worked for a large university, they used Schlage locks which were easy for them manage. At that time though, all of the locks had to be cored. To core a lock is to remove the inner part of the lock mechanism and to replace it with a new core. The core contains the tumblers that control which key can unlock the lock.

How does the Schlage electronic lock work then if it is electronics. The lock itself will have an internet connection and you manage the lock through remote access software. The software used to manage the lock is called Z-Wave software. Z-Wave software can also be used to control lights and even thermostats as well.

Some obvious questions though are, what happens if the power goes out. Will all the doors open? The makers of the lock thought of this, so it has a backup 9 volt battery as well.

What if you wanted to use a key instead of the electronic lock part. The system comes with a key override so that you can use a key instead.

What is included in the lock kit?

*    No key to hide, lose, carry, or forget
* Ready to use out of the box. Installs quickly, usually in less than 30 minutes
* Powered by a 9-volt battery. If the Internet goes down or the power goes out, the lock still provides you secure access to your home
* Use the keys provided with the lock as a standard door lock
* Ability to program up to 19 unique user codes
* Add, change, or delete user codes in seconds

Then what about accessing the system. Do you need a full internet connection?  Yes you do, but the system is compatible with most cell phone web browsers, so you can access it from your cell phone. If then you don’t think that you can back to your house then, you can access the lock through your cell phone.