Economical Driveway Sensors and Driveway Alarm Systems

Are you looking for economical driveway sensors to keep your house safe. About a year ago I was at my house and I’ve got a pretty long driveway. Someone had pulled into my driveway and just parked their car there and left it. I didn’t realize it until I woke up the next morning and then went to leave for work and lo and behold, there is a car in my driveway.  A driveway alarm sensor would have told me when someone came into my driveway.  You can purchase driveway alarm systems for a wide range of prices but if you are looking for some economical driveway alarms, then you have some options.

My first course of action is to visit Amazon to see who has the lowest prices on a driveway alarm. I get prime shipping from there so if I order something, then I get it in two days with free shipping.  There are a couple of products that I evaluated from there that are decent and are low priced.  That being said, let’s first consider how a driveay works. You can get several types. There is the old fashioned air hose type where when people drive over it, it goes off. Those will always let you know when a car is in your drive and only when a car is in your drive. They will not however tell you when there is a person walking down your driveway.

We can go down to the other end of the sprectrum where we have motion sensors. They are the simple motion sensors like you have on outdoor lights. These will let you know when anything comes down the driveway. That sounds good at first, but that anything could be a cat. Oh hey dear that’s the alarm, oh it’s just a cat. Nevermind. You can see where that can go. After a while, nobody pays attention to the alarm. That’s not a good route.

Most of the economical driveway alarms fall into the motion sensor type.  Hence why they are cheaper. However, if you were going with a cheaper model, consider the U.S. Patrol Driveway Patrol Infrared Wireless Alert System. You can buy this on Amazon for around $12 dollars. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t work well for you, then you have only spent $12 dollars. That’s not bad.

Your other options go up in price from there. There are Dakota wireless driveway alarms which are very good and have a long range for over $100 dollars. It all comes down to how much you would like to spend and how important the thing is you are trying to secure.