My Digital Life Garage Door Problems

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could close your garage door after you left your house if you had left it open? That’s what the home automation folks thought at ATT. Unfortunately, this also creates a security flaw for your home. What if your garage door controller doesn’t work when you want it to. One user said that his garage door opened up a day and a half later from when he wanted it to open. That’s a serious issue.  You see the main problem with the controller is that it is done through servers and through the internet. This poses two problems. The first being one of reliability. What if the controller doesn’t work when you want it to. Garage doors opening later than they should or opening not at all would be a real problem. The second problem is one of security. If you can open your garage door over the internet, then why couldn’t someone else do the same if they gained access to your system.  Home security needs to focus on securing the home at all levels.