Defender SN502-4CH-002 DVR Security Camera System

This is a review of the Defender SN502-4CH-002 DVR security system.  There are several types of DVR systems from Defender.  This one is just what it says, it is a 4 channel or 4 input camera system.  You can hook a maximum of up to 4 cameras up to it and thankfully it comes with 4 cameras. There are some cool features with this system. You can view the video on your smart phone which includes Iphone and Blackberry models. You can also store video for over a month so that you can go back and view what you missed later.

If you connect this system to the internet, then you can view your video whenever you want. The system can also be setup to send you email alerts if something is going on at your home or business. So, consider this scenario. You receive one of these email alerts. You then hop onto your wireless Smart phone to see what is happening. You see it is just your cat walking in front of the camera, so there is no big deal. However, what if this happens again and you see that someone is robbing your house or business. At that point, you can notify the police that there is a burglary going on and get them out there. You also have the proof on film of everything too.

One thing I noticed when I installed the cameras was that the connectors on the back of them were not the standard connectors. That’s ok because the cameras that come with the system connect to the cables just fine. However, I had some old cameras laying around that were pretty good and I wanted to use one of them instead to compare the video differences. To do this, I would have needed to use an adapter on the cable. That’s no big deal though. I had a few install issues getting the system up and running and had to do a firmware update to get some of the emails working right. However, those things were easy to do with the support I got from the customer service group. Not all businesses I have dealt with in the past have been as helpful.

I will say with this model though, that there is an 8 camera model out too. I think that one would give some more options. At least to protect your property a bit more. I’m not sure where I would put 8 cameras at though. 4 do the job pretty well but if my house layout was different, I would like to get the 8.

I will give some tips on this system. Be careful how you position the cameras. If they are pointed into the sun, they will get washed out. And at night, what I like to do is have them near a light source and adjust that light source or the camera position slightly. Night vision shots can be a bit grainy, but you can usually take care of that with some different positioning. Overall, I would recommend this system and would probably also recommend going to the larger one with 8 cameras.