DAS VoiceNav Alarm System

The DAS VoiceNav system is sold by Direct Alarm Supplies of Austrailia.  The Direct Alarm Supplies company is making security products that try to be like the Apple Ipod is to music products. Many security products are difficult to use because you have alarm codes going off on your panel and you don’t know what they mean. DAS VoiceNav creates products to fix this by trying to make the products easy to use. Instead of just producing a product that gets the job done, they really try to put the user in mind when they are creating a product.

Let’s look at the DAS VoiceNav alarm system. Here are it’s features:


Modern Architectural Design – using the latest technologies to produce a slimline code pad less than 16mm slim to complement most homes and décors. Consumers will love the appearance!
* Interactive Personal Voice Guide and VoiceCheck Status Key – so easy to use without a manual, consumers will connect to the product with minimal training and reduces support calls to you.
* Customizable Voice Recording and Extensive Voice Library – you or the end-user can personalise zone, area, room and user names. No more mysterious codes and blinking lights!
* Intercom Functionality for up to 8 rooms – essential communication features are built in to every new VoiceNav code pad and work on existing NX\Reliance systems.
* Advanced Touch Interface – Touch Response Keys, Colour Coded Status, and Individually Lit SmartKeys combine together and work for the user.
* Ease of Installation – fully backwards compatible with existing NX and Hills Reliance systems. Same wiring bus and NX programming menu makes it a breeze to install. Just add a 4-core cable in parallel to activate the intercom feature if desired.
* This combination of installer and end-user friendly features makes the Hills Reliance VoiceNav the new standard security system code pad.

The system is much like an Ipod in some respects. It is a touch based security pad. You touch the screen and then it responds by lighting up and then guiding you through your configuration options or any problems you have with your alarm system such as an alarm event.

Some parents may like the intercom functionality which could double as a baby monitor. This would be better than some of the other baby monitors out there because unlike this, this option would be wired and would provide better sound. You can monitor a room in private mode so that the other room doesn’t know you are listening.  Typical installs are to put multiple VoiceNav panels in different locations of your house. That way you can monitor your house better.  You can connect up to 8 units together for the intercomm features.

You can contact Direct Alarm Supplies at one of the phone numbers below depending on your area:

Direct Alarm Supplies – Canberra
Link to Google map

Unit 1, 43-45 Collie Street , Fyshwick , ACT, Australia
Phone: 02 6280 9630 | Fax: 02 6280 9632

Direct Alarm Supplies – Chatswood
Link to Google map

23/380 Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood, NSW, Australia
Phone: 02 8467 1467 | Fax: 02 8467 1499
Direct Alarm Supplies – Granville
Link to Google map
12 Wentworth St, Granville, NSW, Australia
Phone: 02 9897 7722 | Fax: 02 9897 9477

Direct Alarm Supplies – Rosebery
Link to Google map
39 Mentmore Ave, Rosebery, NSW, Australia
Phone: 02 9698 9698 | Fax: 02 9319 1379

For other locations near you, consult DAS: http://www.das.com.au/locations.aspx