Buying a home security dvr system

A home security DVR system records video and sometimes audio to a computer hard drive in the DVR system.  There are a ton of buying options out there though for a digital video recorder system.  Which one should you buy?  This like all other questions involves first assessing what your needs are and then after that looking at what products are available. Let’s ask some quick questions first to determine what your needs are:

* One of the most important questions is how many areas of your home or business do you want to secure?  Will you monitor 4 areas with security cameras or 8 areas? Maybe you have 16 areas that you want to watch.  That question will determine how many cameras you need, how many video inputs you will need.  Some dvr systems only come with 4 input jacks for your cameras if they are wired.  4 cameras may not be enough to watch what you are trying to watch.

* Question two is how long do you want to retain your video for?  If you answered question 1, you will know how many camreas you have. Multiple the number of cameras by the amount of video storage requirements for 1 camera and then that will tell you how much space you need.