Broadview Monthly Fees for Broadview Alarm Systems

At the outset of this article, please note that Broadview is merging with ADT. If you are considering buying a Broadview security system, then look at ADT’s prices because the two companies will merge sometime in this year. This article will list out the installation costs as well as monthly fees for a Broadview security system. Certainly not much like Burger King, there is not much of a have it your way with the Broadview security systems. They have two packages you can get, Standard and Premium.

The Standard package includes the following when you sign up for a three year contract. Monthly fees start at $37.99.

Cost to Install: $99 dollars, monthly fees start at $37.99.

* Standard Keypad
* Two Door or Window Sensors
* Motion Detector
* Interior Siren
* Master Control Panel
* Broadview Security Yard Sign and Window Decals (see my other article why this is not always good to have)

Now, I’m not sure what is going to happen with that three year contract once Broadview merges with ADT. Possibly nothing but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check with them to see. If you want to upgrade to the Premimum package, then you pay an extra $100 in an installation fee. To be honest with you, I don’t understand what that extra $100 dollars if for. The only additional thing they are installing is one more door sensor. It is a wonder they make any money off of these installs anyway.

That could have been part of the reason ADT is merging with Broadview.

Cost to Install: $205, monthly fees start at $37.99.

* Premium Keypad
* Three Door or Window Sensors
* Motion Detector
* Interior Siren
* Master Control Panel
* Broadview Security Yard Sign and Window Decals

Now, your probably wondering what the difference is between the Basic and Premium packages. Mainly, its in the control panel. The premimum one just includes a backlit display. This just makes it easier to know which part of your house the alarm is going off in or which sensor was tripped. Personally, I have sensors on all the external doors in my house. So I would go with the most sensors. One thing I don’t even see as part of these packages is a key fob. An alarm system key fob is great to have. You simply press it when you have an emergency and your alarm will go off. That’s handy if you are getting out of your car late at night at your house. Or if you are nowhere near the control panel. The only place that I saw on Broadview’s site about their keyfob is under Additional Equipment, but it didn’t have an explanation of photo of what it was!

I’m not suprised they are merging with ADT. I believe that ADT does have packages that include a key fob as part of their package and if it was me, I would go with ADT over Broadview because of some of these features. I have noticed a price increase from Broadview here recently as well. I’m not sure if that was meant to conincide with the merger or not.