Backup Cellular for Your Home Security System

The majority of home security systems today depend upon a land based phone connection to notify the police in case of a burglary. This type of system is easily defeated by cutting the phone line leading to the house. Even if the alarm does go off, no one is being notified and the thieves can take more time to rob your house. You will be glad to know that there are options around this though. You can have a cellular backup system installed for your security system. This is usually an extra add on fee for around $10 dollars per month. When your security system alarm goes off, the system uses a cell phone connection as its primary means of communicating with ADT, Protect America, or another home security center. You are paying for the monthly phone bill that the security company got from the cellular company. $10 dollars added onto your bill is not much when you consider that you have just added a layer of protection to your home. For those of you who are considering an unmonitored system, you can also purchase ones that have cellular options on them. There are some systems that let you place a cell phone in the system and the system connects to it and makes the call. That option assumes you have another phone and that you are also paying for the extra line. Carefully consider your options here. Do you have buried cable TV. If so, use that instead of getting a cellular system. One safe option is to bring your phone utilities in under your house to a junction area. While not preferred by the phone company for obvious reasons, your lines are then protected against someone cutting them. Your security system can then use the internet to dial ADT or Brinks.