ATT My Digital Life Comparison

An ATT My Digital Life comparison is easy if you start by comparing it with a basic security system DVR. ATT has a video camera package that comes with their My Digital Life system. This is an add on package. There is an initial charge of $99.99 and then a monthly charge after that of $9.99. This indoor camera integrates in with the My Digital Life system so that you can watch video of your house online.

ATT My Digital Life / DVR Comparison

In comparison with a DVR system and other cameras, this system falls up very short. You only have 1 camera with the system. Each camera costs an additional $99.99 and and additional monthly fee. After adding in several cameras, you would be hard pressed to not spend a lot of money. Consider that to have good coverage for a home you need to have at least 8 cameras. 8 cameras assumes that we put two cameras on each corner of a 4 corner house. That is because that creates no blind spots or at least limited blind spots. 8 cameras with ADT would be $800 dollars and then $80 bucks per month or $960 per year. That’s $1,700 dollars which would actually buy you a camera system that at least 16 cameras and a DVR that could hold a month’s worth of video.

What is the correct way to position your security cameras. Let’s first start with a simple scenario where you have a house which is a perfect square box. If we place one camera at each corner, there will be blind spots where the two cameras do not overlap. In order to not have blind spots, the cameras need to basically be angled towards each other. That requires 8 cameras on a house with two on each corner facing opposite ways.

ATT My Digital Life Camera Quality Comparison

The camera quality is not the best with the ATT My Digital Life cameras. They also don’t allow you to have much expanded capability. Once you have the camera there, it is your equipment. You can arrange to upgrade the camera in the future. However, if you have a DVR system, you can choose to get an upgraded camera if you want to. For a cost consideration, an upgraded camera is about $100 dollars. That gets you a much higher quality camera than what you get from a My Digital Life camera. A better quality camera means you have better quality images to view. Nothing is worse than having a camera catch someone in the act of robbing your house and then not be able to see the image clear enough. You need a camera that will provide  you with clear images so that you can use them later.

ATT My Digital Life Camera Storage

When you get a My Digital Life Camera, the storage is remote in the cloud. That has its pros and cons.  When data is stored in the cloud, it has to have an internet connection. That connection can sometimes go down. When you have your own DVR, the internet connection is not an issue. If you keep your DVR box somewhere secure, that means that your images are protected. I recommend keeping the DVR in an enclosed space that is hard to get to. You need enough ventilation to keep the DVR cool. The DVR is essentially a computer with a hard drive and so it can produce a lot of heat if it is recording or playing back video. Some DVRs can keep video for months at a time. That’s a plus.

I think your primary decision should be your budget first and then the system second.  One camera is better than no camera. Sometimes the cost of getting an initial DVR system with cameras is too high for people and it is easier to get a camera. If the home you are living in already has security cameras, then by all means go with them. Otherwise, consider looking around to see if there are additional options such a good DVR that you can use with enough cameras to keep you safe. Remember to go with a minimum of 8 cameras depending on your location.