ATT My Digital Life iPhone App Review

Don’t like the iPhone My Digital Life app from ATT, join the club. Apparently, ATT didn’t put too much thought into this product before they released it since it has major flaws. ┬áThe largest one being that it doesn’t provide good notifications for you in your notification center. Isn’t the whole idea of a security system to alert you when there is a problem. I would consider this a major flaw. If you buy a good or even a basic DVR system, then it integrates in with your cameras to provide you with real time alerts of when there are problems or issues. Also, let’s talk about the limited integration. It can tell when items occur during your day at your house, however, there appears to be a delay of when you ask something to occur and when it does occur. One guy said that his garage door opened up a half a day later than when he wanted. That’s very insecure if you ask me.