ATT Digital Life Complaints

I’ve read several complaints about the new ATT Digital Life systems. Here are the key problems that people have:

  1. Bad installation – As you know, these systems are wireless and so when the sensors are attached, they sometimes are not put up very well. Installers use double-sided tape sometimes for the sensors. That does wear off after a while. Compare this with the traditional way of embedding sensors in doors and windows. They are usually hollowed out a bit and the sensor applied. Or some systems such as ADT’s actually are screwed onto the edge of the door. This is far superior in my mind.
  2. ATT’s customer service has been less than lacking for years. Have you ever had any disputes with them or try to work out a problem with your bill. It can be very difficult.
  3. ATT is not an alarm company. They are a phone company who are trying to get into the home alarm business. They don’t do it as well as other companies that have been in that space for a long time. That’s why I prefer ADT. They do their job well.