AMCO Cost Per Month

The Alarm Monitoring Company of Great Britain charges £12.99 per month plus the VAT for 24/7 monitoring.  This is really a fairly good deal compared to charges elsewhere. AMCO’s cost per month. The AMCO system works a bit like the Life Alert system does. There is a two-way speaker which you can use to communicate with those trying to help you. This can be started by pushing a panic button to alert the alarm monitoring company.

The panic button then brings on the alarm monitoring company so that you can tell them what type of help you need. This is a trend in alarm monitoring systems. The only drawbacks I can see to these systems is that first, you might not be there at the house and then secondly, you might be there at the house but might not be able to communicate with the other person.

AMCO has a 1 year contract which many see as a plus as well. Other companies like ADT and many others lock you into a 3 year contract to help pay for the fees. Now on the fees side, AMCO’s initial install fees will be higher because their contract length of time is shorter.

If you would like some details on AMCO’s offerings, here are some details on their response:

You can locate their main website here:

If you would like to call them by phone, then here is their directory:

  • AMCO Scotland – 0141 35 60 999
  • AMCO North East – 0191 64 58 999
  • AMCO Yorkshire & Humberside – 01347 822111
  • AMCO North West – 0161 40 88 999
  • AMCO East Midlands – 0115 71 47 999
  • AMCO West Midlands – 0121 31 82 999
  • AMCO South West – 0117 23 05 999
  • AMCO South East – 020 32 900 999