Alert1 Medical Alarm Service Review and Pricing

This is a review and pricing for the Alert-1 medical alarm system. Much of the notes below are anedotal and from different readers that I have compiled together. First, let’s review a little bit about the company. Alert-1 is based out of Williamsport PA, which is a very nice area of Pennsylvania that I have been to a number of times. According to Alert1’s website, they have around 150,000 customers who all subscribe at about $20 per month for their services.

They indicate that they are a family owned business. I think that they have a positive focus on their customer goodwill. They want to be and focus on being friendly towards customers. That’s a plus in my book. Also, I noted that they were given an A+ rating by the Better Business Buruea, which is another plus. I think when you purchase a product, you need to know those things about the company because what if you run into problems with the product or need help. You want to know that there is someone there to answer your questions and fix any problems you have.

Let’s now look at the basic product that Alert1 offers which is their Medical Alarm Service. This product is simple. It has two components. One is a button that is on a lanyard that you can wear. If you have a problem in your home such as a bad fall, you can press the button and the other component which is the speaker box will contact the monitoring company and you will be then talking to a live person. Pretty easy, press a button, talk to a person, tell them you have a problem, then they dispatch someone to help you.

This is how most of the systems work. This type of setup is good but there are some things to consider. The big one is, are you going to fall next to the speaker so that you can talk with someone?  what if you fall somewhere else in your house. What if you can’t talk to someone and are having a serious problem such as a stroke or heart attack.  According to Alert1, that is not a problem. They will dispatch help from a list of preferred providers that you give them.

That makes me feel better. If you want to be able to talk with someone though and you are away from your main receiver unit, you can use one of their extender units called a Voice Extender. This is a speaker that installs in your house (it needs to be connected to a phone line) and it gives you more options as to where you can talk to someone when you need some help.

Here are some other features of the Alert1 medical alarm system (of which I was fairly impressed)

*   It can automatically call the monitoring center every 28 days to ensure that everything is working properly
*     It can automatically notifies Alert1 if the battery in your medical alert button needs to be replaced
*     The system contains an back-up battery system that automatically keeps the system operating normally for up to 24 hours during power failures
*     The system will use a toll-free number to call the monitoring center—so you never pay long-distance charges for the service
*     You can even use this to answer incoming phone calls by pressing your alarm button. That’s a cool feature.
*     And very importantly, it has a complete lifetime warranty

So blah blah you say, how much does it all cost?

According to their site as of Thursday when I checked it, they have several different options for pricing:


Special Value Internet Pricing
* $27.95 per month billed annually
* $29.95 per month billed monthly

The key thing I noted with this system was that you don’t have to pay a contract. That’s very important. Many security companies require you to sign a multiyear contract and they also charge you a lot for the equipment up front.

From everything I have read about Alert1, I would definitely consider signing up with them.