Alarm System Pros and Cons

Are you considering buying an alarm system. Consider the pros and cons first before you do. There are lots of options out there. Let’s first consider some of the pros of getting an alarm system.

It is a good protection for your home and your family.  An alarm system is not a guarantee that you will be safe and it is not a guarantee that your house will not be broken into. I had ADT in my old house and still had a break in. Having an alarm system sign in your yard is not enough. That is because people who may break into your house will do so even if you have an alarm system sign in the yard or stickers on your windows. They are checking to see if your alarm system is on. If you don’t set your alarm system, then they are in and what can you do. The best option you can have is to make sure sure that it is easy to set your alarm system when you leave. If it is easy to set and it becomes habit, then you will set it and will be better protected.  So the first pro is that it can keep your family and home safe but there are conditions on that. It takes your involvement.

Securing your home still takes some common sense. You need to check to see if your windows are locked. You need to not advertise that you have a lot of money. You need to not tell your neighbors about the large expensive Christmas presents that you bought. You should not leave your car unlocked or your power tools outside in the middle of the day or overnight.

One con that people don’t consider when buying an alarm system is that you will probably have to sign a contract with the alarm company. Most of these companies will make you sign a 3 year contract and they will also ask you to pay for the equipment costs up front as well. The ADT equipment costs can be expensive if you go with some of the wireless systems. You can benefit if you move into a house that already has a security system. If it does, that is a perfect system for you to take over. You don’t have to pay for the equipment and it is already installed. That is a no-brainer.

Plus you may not have to pay the rates that you usually pay when you first sign up for the system. Do you know that for some common contracts you are paying for the equipment for the first part of your contract period. If you have a cell phone contract, then you pay for that cell phone over the first part of your contract. After the two years of your contract, you can have the phone company drop down your price you pay per month. Alarm system companies work the same way as well. The initial people who have signed up for the security system have already paid for the equipment. You shouldn’t have to pay for it again. When negotiating the contract when you move into a new house, bring this up and see if you can just agree to pay a lower rate and not have to pay for the equipment again. When I moved into my new house with the wireless system, ADT agreed that I should only have to pay for the monthly charges and not for the equipment. That saved me almost $200 dollars per year. That is a significant savings over time.

When you go with an alarm system company, make sure that you chose a company that is well established so that it can still be there for years to come as you need them. That’s why I chose ADT for my alarm system company. ADT’s monthly alarm system cost is not bad compared to everyone else out there. And they are a large company. They have always worked well for me. There are some other companies who are good as well but I would avoid some of the smaller companies. You need someone who is there that you can contact quickly if you need them.